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Alumni Cookie Dough

Alumni Cookie Dough

In these days of everyone wanting everything – literally everything – delivered to their doors, imagine how special it would be to own a business that people actually want to visit! A place where every person, employees as well as customers, has a good time… an establishment that can turn your day around from negative to positive…a company where you can get a special, affordable sweet indulgence for you, your family and your friends… a location you cannot wait to tell others about…Alumni Cookie Dough is just this kind of franchise opportunity.

With Alumni Cookie Dough, all the cookie dough is gourmet, homemade daily in small batches, edible and bakeable. You can order it by itself, with toppings, infused into ice cream, in milkshakes and in sundaes. Everyday, we offer fifteen delectable flavors, each one so delicious, our customers have trouble choosing a favorite. Alumni Cookie Dough even has perfected specialty doughs, including vegan, Keto and gluten free. The Flavor of the Month changes, supporting a different charity each month, allowing Franchise Owners to strengthen their relationships with the people and communities they serve.

Let’s face facts. There are any number of franchise opportunities that have the potential to provide you with a great return on your investment and good income. There are restaurants, hotels, childcare centers, service businesses, the list goes on and on. Now, we ask you, out of all these franchises, how many give you the added benefits of having fun while you work, very little direct competition, a simple operation to launch and manage, and multiple income streams? That is the Alumni Cookie Dough difference. This franchise opportunity is a business that can be both financially rewarding and a place where you love going to work.

Just as the principals at Alumni Cookie Dough have spent a great deal of time and energy perfecting our product to be the best tasting cookie dough on the market, we have also devoted considerable effort to refine our procedures and systems. While this is a relatively simple concept to open and operate, if you follow the Franchisor’s methods, the more profitable your franchise will be and the more pleasurable the experience for you, your team and your customers. At Alumni Cookie Dough, we know how to keep your customers happy, which in turn increases the frequency of customer visits, positive word of mouth advertising, your customer base, your sales and your profits.

Make no mistake about it, operating a successful Alumni Cookie Dough franchise requires work, commitment, attention to detail, a constant commitment to quality and the willingness to follow the Franchisor’s system. However, at Alumni Cookie Dough, we have discovered that you can have fun while you are making the dough.


The Alumni Cookie Dough franchise opportunity brings you many meaningful advantages in today’s marketplace, including:

  • A new, dynamic concept

  • Multiple income streams, including in-store sales, wholesale, catering, neighborhood focused delivery and our fundraising program

  • Products customers love

  • A low initial investment

  • Higher quality, better tasting cookie dough

  • A fun, engaging workplace

  • A career that allows you to do something you love

  • A rarity – a business with virtually no direct competition

  • The security of a committed franchise team having your back

  • A clean environment with no frying, sautéing, steaming, baking or any other type of cooking

  • Strong customer support and repeat business

  • Devoted customers, eager to spread the word about Alumni Cookie Dough

  • The potential for a handsome return on your investment

  • With the Franchisor’s system, a simple business to open and operate

  • The potential to earn a very comfortable income

  • Few additional staff required

  • Little perishable inventory to spoil

  • A genuine ground floor opportunity

  • Owning a destination location as opposed to an undistinguished place people visit merely because it is convenient

  • A business that gives you many ways to build relationships with your customers and your community

  • A franchise that you can be proud to own

  • Lower food and labor costs

  • A family friendly atmosphere

  • Complete support system, both to open your location and to operate it profitably

  • Streamlined operating systems

  • Satisfaction of serving delicious menu items in a warm, friendly environment

  • Many opportunities to earn the respect of your community

  • A proven method of doing business

  • Complete training for you and your Café Manager

  • Outstanding Pre-Opening and Daily Operations Manuals

  • A Franchisor who respects you and your efforts

  • A Franchisor who views our Franchise Owners as family

  • The benefits of business ownership

  • All these advantages create a business that you can truly love!

    We have assembled a full-service package to assist all Alumni Cookie Dough Franchise Owners in opening and running their locations easily and profitably, including help in the following areas:

    Café Development: We will be with you every step of the way as you locate and develop your Alumni Cookie Dough café. This support starts with your own protected territory in which to build your business. Each territory is designed to reflect the demographics and buying patterns in the area. Next, Alumni Cookie Dough’s site selection program was created to identify cost-effective locations, eliminating the huge real estate expense normally associated with food service franchises. Our café location criteria will help you find the most promising sites, and then we will analyze them for feasibility and profit potential. The Franchisor will also provide you guidance in negotiating your lease to obtain the most advantageous terms. Also, as part of our location development support program, we will help you design your Alumni Cookie Dough café for maximum appeal and efficiency and facilitate your hiring and working with your contractor, if one is needed.

    Additional Pre-Opening Assistance: As you are developing your site, we will provide the following additional start-up assistance, beginning with a comprehensive Pre-Opening Procedures Manual that will take you through every step of the process of opening your Alumni Cookie Dough café. The Franchisor’s complete initial training program includes a one-day orientation session for all Franchise Owners, up to ten days training for the Franchise Owner and your Store Manager, along with up to five days training at your café for you and your entire staff. We have also identified reliable sources for all your equipment, furniture, inventory and supplies. Plus, the Franchisor’s opening marketing campaigns will help you cost effectively build name recognition for your café in your market, begin establishing the Alumni Cookie Dough brand and generate immediate sales.

    On-Going Support: The assistance doesn’t stop when you open your café. The Franchisor will also furnish you abundant support to help you operate your café after it has launched. This assistance includes our efficient inventory management system that will allow you to streamline your inventory procedures and reduce food waste. We will provide you with a variety of on-going training programs, including regular visits to your location, updates, bulletins and periodic meetings for all Franchise Owners to share ideas, introduce new equipment, menu items and marketing techniques, and discuss issues of interest to the Alumni Cookie Dough family of Franchise Owners. The ACD Daily Operations Manual is a step-by-step guide to running a successful café on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. We will furnish you with effective and inexpensive marketing campaigns will help you keep your café top of mind with your customers and community. The Franchisor has also developed a complete, detailed process for serving your customers, making them comfortable and happy and keeping them coming back for more. Because we believe proper management is a cornerstone of the success of any business, our well-organized procedures will allow you to administer your financial, human and other resources with a minimum of effort. In addition, the Alumni Cookie Dough’s thoroughly knowledgeable field representatives will pay regular visits to your location. They will work with you as your own business consultants to help you operate your franchise at peak productivity. Finally, we will continually work to improve the Alumni Cookie Dough system, including menu development, updated procedures, identifying and testing new pieces of equipment, fresh marketing campaigns and new ways to make Alumni Cookie Dough cafés operate even more profitably. This devotion to excellence will keep the entire Alumni Cookie Dough family ahead of what little competition exists.

    Opening an Alumni Cookie Dough Café is very affordable and realistic! We have taken what we have learned since opening our original café and improved on our process, equipment and finishings selections to allow our Franchise Owners to benefit from lower initial opening and continuing operating that we experienced. The following is what you can expect when planning your Alumni Cookie Dough franchise:
    Initial Franchise Fee $25,000
    Service Fee (Royalty) 6% of Gross Revenues
    Brand Fund 2% of Gross Revenues
    Local Marketing
    Expenditure 3% of Gross Revenues

    Total Initial Investment $110,250 - $201,200 (Brick and Mortar option)*
    $52,000-$76,000 (no Brick and Mortar option)*
    *Figures above are inclusive of $25,000 initial fee, plus $15-$30k working capital reserves

    Q. What inspired you to create Alumni Cookie Dough?
    A. Alumni Cookie Dough is the creation of Mike and Jennifer Dollander. Jennifer has always been a closet cookie dough eater, so the idea of actually being able to safely consume this creamy concoction in public is a dream come true! Mike and Jennifer are both graduates of the University of Georgia in Athens, so the idea of opening a business in the city they love so much was beyond exciting. In July 2018, Jennifer and her daughter Stephanie went to New York City for Stephanie’s 18th birthday.
    Jennifer spent a lot of time researching fun and unique things to do in the Big Apple. One of the places at the top of their list was a cookie dough establishment. Jennifer immediately sent her husband a photo of the girls eating scoops of cookie dough in NYC and said, “Athens needs one of these!” Mike and Jennifer have always been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. The more they thought about the idea, the more they came to the realization that Athens was indeed the perfect place for a cookie dough café. When Jennifer arrived home, she immediately started mixing up creations in the kitchen, “I knew I had to get the consistency right. I know people will come to experience safe to eat cookie dough, but I wanted them to keep coming back because it is so darn good.” With Mike and Jennifer’s five children, Jennifer had an instant review panel willing to let her know exactly what they thought of all the recipes. In the end, Jennifer came with the perfect combination that will take you back to your childhood and still make you feel like you’re doing something a little naughty.

    Q. What is Alumni Cookie Dough’s philosophy towards franchising?
    A. We genuinely want our franchise program to be a win-win situation. We view the franchise relationship as a sort of partnership, although not a partnership in the legal sense of the word. We supply you with a proven concept, a system for doing business, access to our tested recipes and procedures, our good name and reputation, training and our on-going assistance and support. You furnish us with your hard work, cooperation, adherence to our system and your best efforts to support the Alumni Cookie Dough brand, reputation and objectives. By working together, we can all benefit.

    Q. What is your philosophy towards your customers?
    A. The Alumni Cookie Dough customer service philosophy is “Go one step further than what the customer expects.” We believe if the customer is coming in for a special treat, they already have high expectations. For example, we actively encourage customers to sample and allow them to try as many flavors as they want. We believe customer service is number one. This is a special experience, and your service must be special. You must educate new customers in order to make them feel comfortable.
    First time customers who feel awkward or stupid will not return. It is your most important responsibility to make customers feel at ease and at home.

    Q. Who will be my customers?
    A. Alumni Cookie Dough appeals to virtually everyone, including young and old, families, couples, groups and singles, blue and white-collar workers and students. However, our core customer base in Athens, GA tends to be families with children and, because we are located near a major university, college students. At our other locations, the customer base is also primarily families with children, although we receive a lot of office–based customers due to our location in a medical office park.

    Q. How much does it cost to open an Alumni Cookie Dough café?
    A. The initial franchise fee is $25,000. Including this franchise fee and 3 months working capital, it costs as little as $110,250 to launch an Alumni Cookie Dough café. A breakdown of the initial investment is included in in the Franchise Disclosure Document.

    Q. I'm interested in learning more. What should I do next?
    A. First, complete the Preliminary Application either online or the enclosed Application and return it to the Alumni Cookie Dough Home Office. After reviewing your information, we will contact you by telephone to discuss this opportunity in more detail and answer any questions you may have. Assuming we are both interested in pursuing a franchise relationship, we will then set up a mutually convenient time to meet in Athens, GA. At this meeting, we will give you the required legal documents and discuss the various aspects of the Alumni Cookie Dough franchise opportunity.


Alumni Cookie DoughAlumni Cookie Dough
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